Medicaid client walking with home care aide in a residential area

A Premium Residential Service Agency

and In-Home Therapy Provider

Our mission is to provide a different kind of healthcare service: one that delivers care with individual attention, patience and kindness in the convenience and comfort of home. We strive to meet all your in-home support needs with a diverse team of highly experienced, credentialed healthcare professionals.

Put two decades of healthcare experience to work for you. We are a clinician-owned, private duty, home care agency also working with insurance and Medicaid waivers. Rest assured knowing that Angel Nursing Healthcare Services in Gaithersburg is licensed by the state of Maryland as both a Residential Service Agency and as a Physical Therapy Provider. What’s more, we maintain Level III licensure, the highest Maryland license available to Residential Service Agencies.

A large part of what makes our premium home care service stand apart is our range of services and our ability to provide service when and where needed.

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Well-Credentialed Aides

We match your residential helper to your personality and the skills that are needed in your home. We can send certified nursing assistants and the full range of aides as needed (hereafter referred to as “aides.”) You can rest assured that Angel Nursing Healthcare aides meet the highest standards:

  • Successful completion of formal training programs
  • Skills testing (at hire and annually)
  • Nurse supervised
  • Repeated testing for infectious diseases for the protection of our older clients
  • Verification of work history
  • Criminal background checks
  • CPR training
  • Continuing education at least annually
  • Insured and bonded
  • Directly employed by Angel Nursing Healthcare
  • and more
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Insurance for Residential Services

Angel Nursing Healthcare accepts private pay and insurance. We work with long-term care insurance, Blue Cross / Blue Shield, and most major health insurance. We also work with Medicaid waiver programs that pay up to 100% for personal care services. Please contact us now to see if you qualify. Insurance and Medicaid places limitations on what they will pay for. Private-pay clients are eligible for all services. We do not take Medicare.

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